Thursday, March 5, 2009

Say Cheese!!!!!

As mentioned earlier, I promised to update you on the progress of my students in Course II.
They are well on their way into their Course II decorating & it has been really great being apart of their progress.
Here are some photos of their Royal flowers (violets, apples blossoms, violet leaves, chrysanthemums and Color Flow Bird)

And for all you post-it freaks out there, you'll understand and appreciate the fact that I matched my post it label with their flowers:) I know its a bit dorky, but I bet my post it note is making you smile:)

And if for some reason the post-it note is not making you smile:( I bet these ADORABLE purse cupcakes will:)

And just in case ur REALLY not in the mood today,

I bet this is gonna make you wanna.........