Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More News:)

We were asked to do a replica of an antique Chinese bowl for Matthew. It was a surprise cake planned for his birthday on a Junk.

I had a great time doing this cake as it brought back memories of my days as an art student. Inside the bowl is chocolate cake. I must say, after doing this cake I have a new appreciation the artwork on these bowls.

Here is an email from the celebrants after the party:"Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Jacinta at Complete Deelite for making a yummy birthday cake!"

I love these photos we got from Matt's birthday.
Photo 1: "WHAT DA"

PHOTO 2: "OMG its my BOWL"

PHOTO 3: "EVEN BETTER than My bowl, I can eat it too:)"

See, not only kids have buttercream smiles:)

Other great news!!! Our Segment of Dolce Vita is now available on our website. Check it out:) Enjoy.

Have a cheery Tuesday!