Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Cupcakes-Chanel and More!!!!

It's been Easter mania here in Deelite. We've been decorating all sorts of Easter themed treats.
Here are some cute goodies.
Here's our Smooch Bunny:) Don't you love the smoochable heart lips!!!!
I managed to snap a shot of these Easter cupcakes before they hopped out of the door.
I know Easter and Chanel are totally random themes, but I had to share about our very first hand sculpted handbag cake course. Debbie, Karen and I had a blast the past 2 days. They completed their very own Chanel bag cake today. Karen on left and Debbie on right. Recognize Debbie??? I blogged about her this past December.
Here they are with thier chanel cake. I'm so proud of their beautiful work.