Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet Pea Cake!

Lets face it, Green vege's are not the most popular food choice.
Say the words Brussel Sprouts or Peas and that'll turn some people off of their meal.
But when a sweet pea is made from yummy cake, now that's something that will make a party go WOW!!!
For Catherine's Baby shower, we sculpted and decorated a sweet pea as it was the theme of her shower. She even had matching sweet pea plates:) Can we say ADORABLE!!!!
Inside this cake is our Yummy chocolate cake.

Here's a close up. You probably don't have to guess that my favourite part was doing her hair and giving her a pink bow.

We also received some "WOW" news today. We had a feature today on SCMP.
Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to eat your greens:)
Bake it to the limit
Jacinta Yu originally started her company, Complete Deelite, to promote
cake decoration through classes and supplying bakers with everything
required to bake and decorate a cake. Now, a large part of her business
is custom-made cakes.
"I didn't know there was such a huge demand for sculpted, specially
designed cakes," says Yu. Although the company teaches home bakers
to make more complicated designs, they usually don't use their new
skills for their own events or parties.
"If it's something for an intimate family affair like a 50th wedding
anniversary, there's a lot of pressure, and the students are too nervous.
It's like asking a bride to make her own cake," says Yu.
One of the biggest cakes Yu and her team have made is a 1.2-metre-
high, 90cm-long cruise ship
for the Costa Concordia cruise line's 60th
anniversary. Made round the clock over two days by four people, the
cake featured miniature railings and lifebelts.
And the job doesn't end with designing and making the cake; custom
cake makers need to get their creations to the venue intact. That can be
challenging, given the fragility of the cakes.
Yu recalls trying to move a cake from her D'Aguilar Street premises and
arriving at street level just as dancers from the LKF Carnival started
parading down the road.
"I'm envious of the big cars and big roads in the US," says Yu. "In a city
that isn't 100 per cent aware of the fragility of these cakes, I stress even
more during the delivery."

Jacinta Yu puts the finishing touches to one of her creations at Complete Deelite in Central.