Monday, March 2, 2009

Surprise Surprise!!!!

I Love Surprises! Every so often we get a special surprise in our mail. We got our copy of Wedding Deluxe magazine. They wrote a fab feature on me and Complete Deelite. As mentioned before I promised I'd keep y'all posted so here you are. Enjoy:)

Wedding Cake Magician – Jacinta Yu
In this tiny little night town, Lan Kwai Fong , who would think there is also excitement during the day. Behind all the usual buildings and bars, there is this tiny little exciting place. We found our gem today – Jacinta Yu.

Cake blessings
Fondant covered cake has been popular for years. Just like fashion, wedding cakes have a gazillion styles. “In early years, people are more into classic laces and trimmings deco. Today, there are just so many choices. In order to have a unique wedding, couples opt to have a custom made wedding cake that truly belongs to them.” Says Jacinta. ”Most of the time, grand but simple cakes have been the latest trend.

Works of Edible Art
One of the biggest difficulties in designing intricate cakes is the weather in Hong Kong.
“I always believe that winter is every cake decorator’s best friend. But when it comes to summer, the humidity makes it very challenging. We have to make sure that everyone of our cake are being kept at the right temperature...especially with tiered cakes”says Jacinta.”The tallest cake we did was a 7-tier topsy-turvy cake for the Hong Kong Peak Tram’s 120th Anniversary”.

Understanding the Art of Cake Decorating. It is best to start the process of ordering a wedding cake 2 to 3 months in advance. “This is to ensure that we are able to understand and design exactly what our customer wants. Communication is key, we normally have a minimum of 2 or more appointments for each couple, which includes taste testing.’ Jacinta reveals.
“Couples from Hong Kong usually take their families suggestions into great consideration. The look of their cake is very very important.“
We have noticed a recent surge of Hong Kong couples wanting a specially decorated cake as opposed to a dummy cake. There is now a deeper understanding and knowledge of cake decorating. This has been a very exciting journey and very rewarding. Just a few years ago , a lot of people did not know the difference between a cupcake and a muffin. Knowing the difference of these 2 cake items comes very naturally for those who are from North America or who have lived abroad. “Nowadays, people are more familiar with the culture of cakes and it is easier for us to introduce to our customers new designs & ideas, like a wedding cupcake tower."smiles Jacinta. “I get very excited by the number of couples who walked in and ask us about our wedding cupcake towers." It has been a challenging journey to get to this point and we are excited to know that people love cupcake towers as much as we do.”

I feel very blessed that I get to do something that I am very passionate about. When asked what she would want for her wedding cake, Jacinta responded "
That she would like an array of all sorts of decorated cakes and one for each guest so that it will not only be a piece of art looked from afar but a personal experience for everyone to enjoy."