Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Heart Baby Cupcake Tower!

Isn't she so CA-YUTE!!!!:)
We decorated this 100th day cupcake tower for Mira.
If I could celebrate my 100th day all over again,
I would sooooooooooo have the same CCT as Mira.
No complaints on my part as I had just as much fun making this cupcake tower:)

I hand sculpted a Giant baby topper for the topper cake and embellished it with cute lil sweethearts.

And then we buttered her up with 8 dozen 2-tone swirl Vanilla cupcakes.
Hmmmmm Deeelish!

Oh and before I forget, we will soon be launching our new website. Can we say Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!
I know we're so super dooooooper excited.
We've been working really hard on our new website.
It has taken us MANY MANY months and hours to put it together.
Lots of new cakes, cupcakes, classes and just fun fun stuff:)
Its soon, but not as soon as this week. So hold your horses and I'll be sure to make a grand announcement to all you facebook, twitter and blog fans!!!!
I'm bursting with excitement:)