Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Super Dooper Week!

For those of you who have been reading our Facebook or Twitter posts, y'all know we've been busy organizing our store with all our new stock that just arrived annnnnnnnd also preparing
for our GRAND BRAND SPANKING NEW website!!!!! Yes, if you can't tell from the Capital letters, I"M SO TOTALLY EXCITED about our new website. Its been one of those LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG projects. It took alot of reorganizing and organizing but all well worth it. We still got a few more tweeks but its FABULOSO! And I know y'all are gonna love it. Annnnnnnyway, there has been a lot of activity in deelite this week.
Here are a few highlights.
I had to show you our new shipment of our marshmallow fondant.

Not only do they come in fabulous colours in these handy mini tubs, but they are grrrrrrreat for figurine/flower molding.
The texture of the fondant is smooth as silk. You see:) Isn't he so cayute!

We also have the regular marshmallow fondant to cover your cakes with. It smells and tastes amazing. Seriously, I kid you not, your entire kitchen will smell like marshmallows when you roll out your fondant to cover your cake:)
here's our marshmallow baby on top of our marshmallow covered cake.

Behind marshmallow fondant, is our Candy section. I was so excited to see our remerchandized shelf I had to snapp a shot. We incorporate lots of candy melts with our cakes designs.

Here's some we prepped today at our cake deco studio. Don't chya just luv'em.

They were made for some Jr. cupcakes. The size of the shoe is about 1". The entire shoe is made from Candy Melts.
Oh, speaking of candy melts, here's lil sneak peak on whats to come on our new website, if you wanna learn how to make candy decorations just like these cute shoes, we are launching a brand new workshop called We LUV Candy! It'll all be on the new website this Friday.
That's about it in a nutshell!
It's been a great week, and the best part is, its gonna get saweeter.
Don't forget our new website out this Friday:)