Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Balenciaga Cupcake Cake & Christian Louboutin Shoe Cake

Its been a fashionable week:) with lotsa heels, bags, & faboo gift boxes.
Note to all you sweethearts out there.
Just in case you're ever out of gift ideas, personalizing a cake is just as sweet as sending your special someone a bouquet of flowers on their birthday. Even better, send both:)
I promise you, you won't regret it. Annnnnnnnd the birthday sweety will love it so much they will rave to their friends how sweet you are. Now it doesn't get any better than that:)
Here is a Christian Louboutin shoe cake we made for a Louboutine Fan.
It is what we call a sweetheart to sweetheart cake design.
The design was requested because Joyce the birthday girl is a big C.L shoe fan the peppers also had a special meaning for her.

We even managed to polish the C.L. shoe with its signature patent leather finish.
Ooooooooooh La la...

For the first time ever, we got a request for a Balenciaga cupcake cake.
I love it when our creativity gets pushed outta the box:)
We loved doing this cake. We piped out the essence of a genuine Balenciaga on top of our
vanilla cupcakes.
We even managed to put the signature tassels and metal buttons on it.
It was all done with our yummo Buttercream!
Can we say Luv!!!

Happy happy Mid-week!!!