Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ding Dong-Doraemon Cupcakes!

We're zipping into the weekend.
And it doesn't' get any better than having Doraemon and Pal cupcakes hanging out with us at the cake decorating studio.
I know Doraemon's buddy's name is not"Pal",
but I had no idea what his name was
so I gave him a name, 4-eye Joe:)
Why Joe I have no clue, it just kinda happened and it stuck.

ANYYYYYYYWAAYYY,....back to cupcakes.
These were inspired by our ever so popular Elmo cupcakes we did earlier this year.
Don't chyu just luv the cupcake requests we get, its Faboooo!

Actually, come to think of it, we also did a Doraemon cake. You may have remembered it was BIG match, Stalone vs. Doraemon. Its a must read if you haven't read that post yet.
So who da man, Doraemon or 4-eyes Joe?????

HELLOOOOO!!! do I even need to say, read the boxing post:)
Have a great weekend!