Monday, May 26, 2008

Deelite Cruises

We had a jam packed week. We were chosen to do a replica of the exquisite Costa Concordia Cruise ship to celebrate their 60th anniversary. Requirements of their cake was that it had to be HUGE and of coarse look just like the Costa Concordia.

This cake is by far the biggest cake Deelite has every sculpted. It was one of the most memorable moments of my cake decorating career. The entire ship took 5days.

Day 1 & 2: We molded & sculpted out all the lil fixins on the ship. Stern, lifeboats, side rails......hmmm my cruise ship vocab is quite elementary so lets just call them "important details":) Due to the delivery logistics, we had to make the top deck out of Styrofoam

Day 3: How many slabs of cake do you think it took to assemble this cake??
18 slabs to be exact. Cakes had to set and cool down properly before they were ready for sculpting.

Day 4: CRUNCH TIME I"m still recovering from this day. It was adventurous to say the least. All the elements were put together. We sculpted, assembled, Covered the ship with Fondant, added what felt like a million windows and all the rest of the "important details

DAY 5: THE MOVE!!! After a few final touch ups, we prepared ourselves for "THE GRAND MOVE" to the ship in Harbour city. The cake was so big, it couldn't even fit into our building lift. With some great help, I was the cheerleader praying that nothing would happen to our ship.

The move ended up being so much fun. The security guard of our building was even cheering for us from the ground floor. You can see him taking photo of the cake with his cell phone on the right photo.

Here is a photo of the Costa Concordia. Bon Voyage!!!