Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Buzz

It has been buzzing here in Deelite. I"ve probably done a HUGE blogging no no by not updating you on a daily basis. I promise this one will make up for the many days I"ve been missing.
Before I share with you about our BIG surprise, allow me to share with you some of the things we've been doing. We've been busy sending gifts all over Hong Kong, Cookie Bouquets,Celebration Cakes & of course our Holiday Cupcakes. Here's a sneak peak. I managed to still snap a few shots of us in action in the middle of all the holiday buzz.
Here we are Icing all sorts of Cookies. And as you can see, Christmas cookies were not the only ones in demand.

I must say, our Holiday Cookie Bouquet is the most popular gift for this season. We made them is all sizes. Bouquets with 9-20cookies in a bouquet.
Here is a snap of a few of our 20 pcs Christmas Cookie Bouquet.

Tis the season not only for cookies, but also for Cupcake Towers. Here's a gorgeous rose themed cake we did for a anniversary at the Grand Hyatt.

And then here's the Grand Surprise. In the middle of all the Holiday Buzz I got 2 separate calls on the same day from Wedding De Luxe maganize and TVB Dolce Vita. I was so excited!!!!!:) Wedding De Luxe wanted to feature our cakes and store for next years issue & Dolce Vita wanted to feature us as well for an episode as well. HELLO, I got two wonderful Christmas surprises at the same time. The catch with all this excitement was that we only had 2 Full days to prepare for it.

If you can imagine this, the best way I can describe the past 2 days is like the show project runway minus Heidi Klum. You know the part where all the designers are frantically trying to get their designs ready on time for the run way. Time is so limited, their sewing the dress onto the models, adjusting, changing things etc trying to make everything look perfect on time. That was me and my team this past Monday & Tuesday. And is was CRAZY fun. Of course I'm not gonna let all the surprises out and show you all the cakes we decorated. But I will tell you when the magazine and show airs next year:) I won't leave you hanging too much. The girls managed to snap of few shots of me in action.

Here I am with the team of Wedding De Luxe Magazine. Maria and Tony were so much fun to be with.

The following day we met up with the team from TVB to shoot for Dolce Vita.
Here they are in action shooting one of our creations. On the right is one of the host's getting into some decorating.
See I told you it was worth it:) Hope you enjoyed this eventful treat. I'll definitely keep y'all posted when i find out when the magazine and show will be out. Ho Ho Ho....!