Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deelite + Corporate Events = FUN FUN FUN!!!

We've been having fun with all kinds of corporate celebrations.
We had a great opportunity to host Maurice Lacrois' press conference at Deelite to launch their new line of watches.
We transformed our classroom into Maurice Lacrois'press room and it was fabulous!

we also made some fabulous watch cupcakes to replicate their new designs for 2011. I started off the press conference with a fun demo on how to make watch cupcakes. Not only was it a great ice breaker, it was a great opportunity for everyone to roll up their sleeves and get creative:)
All the participants received these fab gift bags with lots of goodies and a watch cupcake.

For another corporate celebration. We made this Rose box cake for Olympian City Mall's birthday celebration.
We filled their birthday cake box with a potpourri of flowers.
And last but not least, we made Franklin Templeton's corporate favors for their 20th birthday celebration.