Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year with Tin Tin & Dragon!

Those of you who were following us on FB last week, you were enjoying our process of completing our biggest cake we've ever done.
We were invited by Elements mall to replicate a Tin Tin cake inspired by his Blue Lotus comic book.
We were so excited to be apart of this project. We started planning the last 2 weeks of December 2011. Because of the enormous size we really needed to plan out the measurements of the cake.
After much planning, we concluded that we couldn't complete the cake at our kitchen premise but at the mall itself.
Working in a new location has its own challenges, but we were ready to take on the challenge, and boy we're so happy we did:)
Here is our adventure with Tin Tin.....

Enjoy the video and have a

Happy Chinese New Year!!
Our CNY holiday Hours