Friday, March 30, 2012

Julie Bashore coming to Deelite!

Master Confectioner, Julie Bashore has an award winning thirty-year background in Culinary & Confectionery Arts and shares her talent by teaching around the world. Julie studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Salisbury Rhodesia; studied and taught at Fabilo International School of Confection in Lucerne, Switzerland; was accredited to the Swiss Chef’s Association and taught at Butler’s Wharf Chef’s School in London, England. She has also written numerous articles for industry publications including Modern Baking, American Cake Decorating and the Retail Bakers Association of America.

Julie is also a famed champion of TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off challenge and is presently the CEO and founder of Sugar Arts Institute.

The Ultimate Tiered Cake Seminar is for decorators who desire to develop a wealth of different skills and techniques to build on. This seminar is highly recommended for decorators who already have the fundamentals but want to take their skills to another level. The focus of this seminar is to enlarge the decorator's depth of creativity by enhancing their skills with different approaches to design and decorate a cake.

1) Stencilling and piping techniques on drapes

2) How to airbrush multiple colors on drapes and cake. Adding depth, shine & gloss.

3) Extensive Lace Work technique.

4) How to make isomalt jewels, applying isomalt to cake and how to manage and take care of isomalt.

5) Embossing techniques

6) Time saving tips on how to level, stack, and cover your cake to achieve sharp, precise and flawless finish.

The best part is you get to complete your very own cake with your own design. The final 3 tier cake project completed will be an interpretation of each decorator's own design and application of the techniques and skills taught.The aim of the Artist Instructor is to show all participants a step by step method for them to acquire the skills and techniques taught.

Dates: April 17,18,19 (Tues-Thurs)

Time:10:30-5:30pm Lunch included

Take Home: Air Brush machine, 3 Tier Final display Cake

Included in Class: All Supplies, Tools & Materials

Price: $8500

Class Confirmation: Your placement is only fully confirmed after payment is fully paid