Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wishing you all a Deeliteful Holiday Season!

Hi hi Everyone:)
Its been almost a month since my last post and I apologize.  December has  zipped by so quickly with so many events and celebrations.
Lets pick up from the fabulous International Baking Expo. The entire event was a HUGE hit. Our booth and workshops received an overwhelming response and we could not believe the excitment we received. 
David &Edward (UK), Edward Frys (US), Mercedes Strawchsky (US) and I had an amazing time working together as well. 
All of our cakes and classes were the highlight of the event and it was an honor for us to showcase our cakes of art:)
It took 3-4 months of prep for us to prepare for the Expo. As it was the first ever cake Expo in Hong Kong,  we wanted it to be a really special one. Not only did we have to plan for our own booth, cakes, products, etc. We also proposed an out of the box  idea to the Expo organizers. We wanted to offer workshops taught by guest artists and I. The idea was well received and we did months and months of planning.
The week before the Expo was the craziest as everyone was arriving at the same time:  (David, Edward Frys, Mercedes, Jeff Muphy from Wilton, Kevin O'Reiley from Satin Ice & Mark from Kimmie Candy.) All of the guest cake artists including myself were working around the clock to get our cakes done, our class ingredients and tools prepared. Oh and we were all working in our cake studio so it was really really one big party:) Annnnnnd I had to make sure everything for my special dessert table was ready too.
Here I am applying some final details to 1 out of my 12 cake creations.
 David's Santa quickly drying with the fans
 Happy Feet:)
 Night before the Expo opening we all stayed up really late preparing our booth.
 unpacking boxes and cakes
 Stuff just kept arriving  and it seemed like an endless supply of boxes
 By the time I got to my dessert table, at around 10pm I was like there is no way I'll be able to set everything up by the next morning 9 am. My backdrop accidently got left  behind:( and we had to wait for them to put it up in the morning before I could start displaying. I felt like we were on an episode of project runway.
Here I am the the opening day of Expo at 8am ready to unpack and get cracking on our cake displays.
One Big box at a time and one touch up at a time we managed to get it all done in 1 hour 1/2

 Here David and I are SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see everything looking BEAUTIFUL
Mercedes, Kevin and I ready to rock and roll:)
Luv all the product displays
As soon as the doors opened we had crowds of people Ooooing and Ahhhing with their cameras:)
 I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see it all come together.
And our Rainbow dessert table was a HUGE HIT!!!
We had demos throughout the Expo. Check out David and Edward in action. 
All of our Workshops were full. We were so sorry to have to turn down many interested people.   

Here I am teaching my Mini Handbag Class
 Edward and I taking a breaky
 The enquiries for Wilton Classes also received overwhelming raves. All of our instructors were busy meeting up with interested students. I was so proud of our Wilton instructors and the cakes they made for the show. They were beautiful:)
  Jeff Murphy (Wilton) & Sharon our Chinese Wilton Instructor
 Jeff Murphy (Wilton) & Winnie
 By Day 2 we got smart and had to ask the Expo to give us red ropes to prevent any dramatic cake accidents from the crowns.
3 Days went by so quickly but it was an eternity of many experiences and many stories to share:)
I miss "the Gang":) It was wonderful spending early December with the Deelite Crew, Edward Frys, Mercedes & David. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present. 
A Merry Be-lated Christmas to all of you. And a Happy New Year!
I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for all of us.