Thursday, May 16, 2013

Deelited to be Deelited!

We have had the joy of   being apart of hundreds of celebrations.
We have done cakes for people since day one in 2004 and some of the kids who are 4 are now 14 or off to college. Some of the couples who we've done wedding cakes for are celebrating their children's parties and we get to be apart of that too.
And often times we are apart of the entire families celebrations: Mother's Day, Fathers Day, Christmas etc. 
It truly is so wonderful to have grown together with so many families. 
And we love hearing back from theme too. 
One very  memorable family is "Dina's Family" Dina loves her children and every year she loves designing and creating a new theme for her children's birthday party.
You have probably seen many of her cakes, cookies, cupcakes & balloons posted on our blog or facebook.

Here are some of her latest Deelited Moments with Dina and her children:)
"You have truly truly out done yourselves, your cake was spectacular and there wasn't a single person in the room that was not blown away by its design, and color and everything- best cake I've ever seen, and as you cut it it looked even more special. Bravo to all the team, and thank you for helping me make my daughters birthday magical.-D"

"Thank you so much, everything was fantastic and cake was really superb,(croc was fabulous as was ship and whole scene!) everyone loved it. Many thanks to you all.-D"

This year we did an unforgettable cake for Boudy. I love that the subject of the email  was "Look at his face".....
Attached was the picture. Pictures truly do speak a thousand words:)
 And for his Younger Brother Zam Zam we made a fabulous Curious George cake. 
Zam Zam loves Mcqueen from Cars as well so we incorporated it with  Curious George theme. 
Look at his face...........Priceless!!!!
Another Deelite Kid story. We have  been celebrating with James ever since he turned 7 (2004). In fact his birthday party was the first ever Deelite Children's Activity party.  And now James is going to turn 17 and almost off to college.........Seriously time flies and I'm forever 18:)
I"ve managed to find his 14th and 15th birthday cake and I'm sure if I keep looking I''ll find more from his younger days.  
Every year his mom Mrs.L emails me and says ...."Its that time again. Time Flies....
Here is one of my favorite Deelite emails
"Time does fly, since the 7th birthday, you have been making James' cakes every year. The most memorable ones are on his 13th at EA Experiences at the Peak (closed down already!!), and his 15th birthday. James will be going to university in the UK this summer, he is very tall now, almost 6 foot!
Mrs. L"
Oh How they grow up so quickly.
Here are some of James' Birthday Creations:
 "The cupcake tower you made for James' 14th birthday was just fabulous. James and his daddy loved it and so did our guests. Thank you again for making James' birthday so special.
Mrs Lo"
Here's James at 15 the young man holding the cake in the redish pink sweater.
We also made matching cupcakes too.  This year we will be making James'17th birthday cake. Will keep you posted on that.
Last but certainly not least. As you all probably figured out by now, we love making wedding cakes. What we love even more is when we hear back from the  Bride and Groom. It is always very special because after a wedding I understand that the Bride & Groom are very busy settling in and enjoying their Honeymoon. So when we hear back from our Deelite couples it is really a great treat and we love to see pictures from the actual wedding day.
You have probably seen our  "Meowy Me" wedding cake.  It was recently also featured in SCMP with our Dream Wedding cake and Over the Rainbow Cupcake Tower:)
Our Meowy Me couple was over the moon with their wedding cake and we got a fabulous photo from the bride & groom.
One of my fave wedding photos ever!
Need I say more......:)