Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Classroom completed:)

Yay, our 6th Floor classroom is finally done. Its been a long time waiting and boy does it feel good to have it all complete:)
Here are some pics
Before, Yes I know you've seen this photo before. But I love seeing the before and after.

Tah Dah!!!
Here is a quick photo of our other classroom. The tables just arrived while I was taking photos.
 Here is the other side of the classroom. We have been doing some finishing touches this week. The classroom will be up and ready to go by next week:) Yipppeeee!!!!
 Luv our custom made cubbies for our students to put their bags and tools.

 We have been busy prepping the 2/fl for our next phase of renovations. We will start Aug 5th-Aug 30th.....hopefully not any longer:) 
Our store will still be opened during normal business hours.   Please do excuse us as we will be making some adjustments during renovation. We apologize  for an inconvenience caused. 

Can you believe Aug is tomorrow and you know that that means:)
Aug cupcake of the month
Peanut butter and jelly. Its DIVINE!!!
Peanut Butter cream cheese icing topped with a dollop of raspberry jam
on a red velvet cupcake cake. 
Now that's what i call Hmmmm Hmmmm Good!!!