Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to School at Deelite!

Fall has arrived and we're in Back to School mode:)
We've been busy shuffling things around in our retail store with renovation and new upgrade.
Its all coming together really well and hopefully if things as planned our renovation in the 2nd floor will be complete in 1 week:) YAY
Here are some photos Ok so you can't tell much from these photos but the store space is much bigger as we knocked out our classroom space and opened it up for more merchandise wooooo hooooo:)

Now lets get to the GREAT NEWS!!!! FANTASTIC back to school news. You may need to take a seat for this one:)
Heeeee heeeee, if you know cakes you know who I"m talking about.
Hmmmm Lets ask Mr. Owl:)

CP: Colette Peters (New York, USA)
Need I say more, I have all of her books.
Pioneering the “crooked cake look” cake and the Tiffany gift box cake, Colette's cakes has been making cakes for many celebrities including wedding cakes for Marie-Chantal Miller and Prince Pavlos of Greece and Alexandra Miller and Prince Alexander Von Furstenburg.  Her work has been featured in a number of prestigious print publications and has since published five books.  Colette has also appeared on Food Network Challenge, TLC's Ultimate Cake-Off, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and a host of other cable network programs.  Colette teaches cake decorating classes around the world. 

DM:  David MacCarfree (Liverpool UK)
 King of Royal Icing and Royal Wedding Cakes. Yes, the Royal Family's cakes:)
With over 30 years of free hand piping, painting and sculpturing with royal icing.  David is a master cake artist for the Royal Family & Judge for Cake Walk TV Program Canada

MS: Mercedes Strawchsky (Orlando, Florida USA)
Queen of Fondant.  I have all her books too:)
Author of two books and winner of many international cake competitions including the highly acclaimed Oklahoma State Sugar Arts Competition. Mercedes is truly the master of Fondant. She is responsible for introducing fondant to America and has since taught hundreds of cake artists all over the world. 

EF: Edward Frys  (Texas, USA)
Winner of TLC cake challenges.  Edward has been a cake artist for many years, and enters competition for fun and he has mastered incredible airbrushing techniques.

KD: Karen Davies (UK)
I love her books:)
 Renowned for her unique sugarcraft molds, Karen has since published nine cake decorating books that are excellent resources for any cake decorating enthusiasts.  Karen teach and demonstrate cake decorating around the UK and overseas.
HKIBE is right around the corner and we have invited these 5 fabulous Master Cake Artists over to Hong Kong.
Many of you have already emailed us about the dates etc. So here's all the information.
Check out their class details on our website. click below link

Enjoy and have a great weekend.