Friday, October 14, 2016

Deelite Class in Action & Wine Barrel Cake!

Good morning:) Happy Friday!
We have been on a baking marathon with our classes.  Some of you may have heard that Penelope D'arcey Graham was in HK teaching her fab Dessert Table Treats Class. 
She taught 2 sessions of this course and both were fully booked. Our students spent 3 full days baking Macaroons, Fancies, Patisserie, Eclairs, shoe pastry, and aking pretty flowers too:) 
Here are some highlights. 
I wanna eat these now. 

As you can see these group of students baked and baked and baked! And they did an amazing job, learning and decorating too! YUMMY!
Thank you all for allowing us to be apart of your cake jouney. 
Have a great weekend to you too. We will leave you with this GIANT gravity defying wine barrel cake. It was delivered to a very special guest and we heard from the grapevine he loved his Vino:) Cheers!