Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to make Valentine Bon Bons and Love Lollies

Love is always in the air but this time of the year we love to highlight that fact:) 
It is also a wonderful time of the year to maximize  using Red, Pink and White on absolutely everything. Yes, as you can imagine I have been very happy in my Pinky world of sweet bliss. 

A regular of Complete Deelite since our early days I have known Amanda Strang from her visits to the store. I bumped into her recently as she was browsing through our Valentine products. 
We got talking about our chocolate molds & candy melts and decided to do an impromptu video on how to use create Valentine treats. As she is a trained Pastry Chef she thought it was so incredible how easy it was to use Candy Melts. No need for tempering etc, we were able to whip up some amazing goodies in a flash. In fact it was so easy we were able to also whip up some Valentine Bon Bons filled with ganache. 
Enjoy and we wish you a wonderful Chinese New Year and Valentines!
How to Make Valentine Lollies- Candy Melts

How to Make Valentine Bon Bons with Ganache