Saturday, August 23, 2008

Typhoon 9 & a Traveling Cake

So what is Typhoon and a Traveling Cake doing together in the same Title????? It sounds like trouble huh....well actually it makes a very good story.
As some of you may know, we had a MAJOR typhoon (hurricane) yesterday and almost everything was shutdown. Yes, I did say ALMOST:) It seems that some public transport systems were still running. Read on.......
I shall name this person Mr. Typhoon- Hot Wheels.
Mr. Typhoon-because he braved the storm to pick up his son's cake all the way from Guangzhou,China. Can we say Super DAD!!!!
Hot Wheels-Because his son's cake had a Hot Wheels picture design.

You see, Mr.Typhoon had no idea that the storm was that serious. When Mr. Typhoon arrived to HK to pick up the cake he realized that he had arrived in the middle of a Typhoon 9. He knew that getting his son's cake would not be possible.
When he contacted us to rearrange the cake pick up, we also found out that Hot Wheel's birthday party was actually this coming Monday and the only time Mr. Typhoon could pick up his cake was over the weekend. For obvious logistic reason's he couldn't pick up the cake on the day of his son's party. Worried that the cake would damage during transport and wouldn't last till Monday, we flash froze the cake, gave him some cake storage instructions and packed it nicely for the long journey across the border to China with an ice pack, wrapped in super seal wrap and snugged nicely in a cake bag. I'm sure Hot Wheels will be in good shape after our Deelite TLC.
Here's a shot of the box in the super seal wrap before packing the cake in the cake bag with ice packs.

Thank You Mr. Typhoon for making a second trip out to pick up your cake. Happy 9th Birthday Brice. This Blog is for You and Mr. Typhoon!