Monday, September 15, 2008

Hot Tuna!!!

No, I"m not a cake, but can you make me into one:)
That was basically the the request given to us by these 2 brothers who planned an extravagant surprise birthday party for their father's 60th birthday at the Watermark restaurant. Not only did the cake have to look like this Tuna, it also had to be 4 feet long. So then I just snapped my fingure and said no problem bros, VOILA,Here's your fish!
If only it were that simple:)
Here's the story of how our Deelite "HOT TUNA" came to life. The "Hot Tuna" bro's requested 3 flavors; Choco, Vanilla and Banana. So we baked slabs and slabs of cake and carefully sculpted out the fish.

Then we covered the entire fish with fondant and shaped out the details.

After shaping, we slowly added color and texture and some more color and texture and finally our Hot Tuna came to life.

Then comes my favourite part, final detailing. We added on all the fins, finished off the wooden board details and then added on the text.

TAD-DA the Hot Tuna!
Here is one of our biggest fans who heard about our Hot Tuna and stopped by to check it out.

Ofcoarse, our Hot Tuna story doesn't end here. Finishing the cake was just the beginning. THE MOVE........ After boxing this huge cake with a custome size box, just like our cruise ship cake, we had to walk it down the stairs b/c our cake couldn't fit into the lift.

Finally,after making it down to the ground floor. We slowly moved the cake into the van, packed thier Huge 60 balloon bouquet as well as another cake they ordered for their Grandma ( I'll blog about that next) and off went Hot Tuna and their party friends to Watermark restaurant.

Here I'am telling our Hot Tuna to behave and not to jump out of the box until the birthday boy arrives:)