Thursday, January 15, 2009

Action Packed

Its been a world wind of a week. I've just returned from Kuala Lumpur where we held a Complete Deelite International cake decorating seminar. We were invited by some enthusiastic professional bakers who wanted to expand their skill of cake decorating.
I was most deelited to introduce them to the world of cake decorating.
We held our seminar at Signature Kitchen. I was so impressed by their Cooking Studio that I had to snap a shot. It was a dream classroom kitchen to work in. Not only did everything look good, it was so functional and easy for me to get right into action.
Here I am introducing the class to Fondant Decorating.
I demonstrated some simple and very impressive Royal Icing Flowers.

We also went over a whole world of Buttercream designs.
The best part is their final activity. They got into groups, gathered everything they learned and designed and decorated their very own creation. It was loads of fun watching them brainstorm and execute.

Here are some of the groups final cakes.

It was certainly a trip to remember. The seminar would not have been possible without my Buttercream Angels Pei Pei and Shan Shan. They drove me all over to find the right ingredients and also supported the seminar by organizing the classes room equipment and making TONS & TONS of buttercream. Here they are with a Buttercream Smile, Pei Pei in Green stripped shirt and Shan Shan in the back.

The trip was also full of unexpected surprises. I asked to do an interview for Star Newspaper (News paper for Malaysia):) It was really fun sharing about our seminar and my love for cake decorating. I will keep you posted when that is out.

On another note, as promised I said I would inform you when our episode of Dolce Vita will be out. Well its tonight 9:05pm on TVB Pearl. Don't miss it:)