Friday, January 9, 2009

New Years Dinner!!!

This is probably the first time ever where I will not be talking about our sweet treats.
It is for a good reason and much to rave about. Last night we had our company dinner to celebrate New Years. We had loads of fun and very full tummies to prove it:)

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner buffet. I was most impressed by the dessert buffet.
I couldn't resist the crepe station. Of coarse my "best friend" my camera was right by my side so I snapped some shots of Mr. Crepe man in action.

I asked for fresh strawberries and Bananas. Man, he was so quick I was lucky to even get these few shots.

Here is my YUMMO crepe. I topped it off with every sauce they had out. Strawberry sauce, custard and loads of Whipped cream.

It was truly a memorable time for all of us.
And yes, I was the Do Do who blinked. I've always said I was better behind the camera. Next year I promise I"ll keep my eyes open:)