Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cars, Baseball and Christmas cupcakes!

Here are some highlights from our Christmas Cupcake Class.
It was great seeing such great talent and creativity.
Look at the cute bow on top of the g-girls head:)

Luv the Buttercream Smiles!

Other Saaaaaaaaaweeeet News!
I also realized that its been WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long since I've featured photos of our dude cakes. Cakes with a bit of Speeeeeeed! Enjoy:)
Here's a Lamborghini cake we hand sculpted for a speedster. Cake flavor was Red Velvet.

For a surprise birthday party we got a special request from Andy's wife to make a motorcycle cut out cake. She wanted his face to peep through the helmet. We thought that was the coooooolest idea. And whats even cooler is that the image of his face is edible. Annnnnnnd whats even cooler than that is...................... keep reading:)

the cake was accompanied by motorcycle themed cupcakes with 3d toppers of himself on it.
I think that deserves a "HELLO!!!""

More goodies.
Here's a cake for an ultimate NY Yankees baseball fan.

Luv how the NY Yankees signature stripe is on the cake board and the Candles:)