Friday, December 11, 2009

Complete Deelite and Adventist Hospital COOKIES

What an exciting week we've had.
We've been planning and working with Adventist Hospital on a community project for the past month or so. It has been a labour of love and we are so excited that our community project with the Adventist Hospital is well on its way.
On Thursday, we had a Press conference to launch our community event.
Here are some highlights from our FUN FUN FUN Christmas activity we did with the supporters and their families.
Here I am setting up and getting stickered up before the event.

I'm going over some details about the cookie decorating activity with our MC.

Photo taking with Adventist Hospital and Supporters.

Then we got into the fun and action of the cookie event:)
As you can see, I really didn't have to do much. They got right into it.

It was so much fun decorating cookies for a cause.

I also baked and built Christmas Cookie Trees so that we could all pitch in and decorate Christmas trees together.
This was my favourite part.

Then I got a saweeeeet surprise. One of the kids made me my very own gingerbread cookie.
It made my day:)

How our cookies help support Children in need?
Complete Deelite has exclusively baked cookies (choco chip, almond crunch and butter crunch) for the Adventist Hospital to fund raise for their charity programme.
Since 1999, Adventist hospital has supported many sick children who are in serious medical need. Their charitable service offers life-altering / life-saving medical treatments for those who cannot afford the medical support.This program is a HUGE gift for those children who are in desperate need for medical help but can't afford it.
We have specially packed a variety of cookies for Adventist Hospital in pretty packages in all shapes and sizes and can be ordered through the Adventist Hospital, UA movie outlets and at our store.

All proceeds for these DEELISH cookies go to the cause to support these children in need.
So if you're looking for the perfect gift that sows the gift of life, here's one that will bring lotsa smiles not only to your recipient but also to many many children and families:)

Check out their website to find out more.