Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DIY Easter Cupcake Tower!!!!

A few weeks ago our Easter goodies arrived. When I saw the Easter collection, I couldn't wait to get my hands on our Easter cupcake tower and toppers.
And as soon as I got them, I sat in my office like a lil girl opening Christmas presents and tore the packages apart and started to assemble the tower.

Are you one of those people that NEVER EVER read instructions:) even if its only a few sentences long. I look at is as my own journey in discovering treasures as I'm putting things together:)
This Easter tower is a REAL NO BRAINER to put together and the cupcakes are a real cinch.
You will get ton's of Ooohs and Ahhhhs at your Easter functions.

Here's a photo of the tower after I rampaged through the plastic wrapping.

1: You're gonna take the 2 pieces with the bunny image and slide them into each others grooves.

For some reason I couldn't wait to get my hands onto the next step....
You take the larger circle and slide it through the bunny top all the way down to the bottom.

3: Now this is the part where reading the instructions would have helped an eeensy weensy bit:)
There are these lil "L" hooks at the bottom of the plate right at the bunny feet base. You bend them to ensure extra security when you put your Easter Eggs/ Mini Cupcakes on the cupcake tower. GENIUS!!! I know.

You do the same for the second top tier with the smaller circle.

Now we're ready to get started with our mini cupcakes.
But before we jump into that I wanted to mention this Easter Stand can fit 18 eggs or 21 mini cupcakes.
The packages says 16 mini cupcakes, but we actually managed to fit 21 mini cupcakes.

For eggs you can punch out the lil holes and put the eggs inside.
GENIUS!!!! I know, We LUV options:)
I also saw these lil plastic cupcake picks and thought they were so cute I would give them a try this year. I LUUUUUUV them. They are so UH-dorable and easy to use.
Annnnnnd you know what is even better, you can use them for sandwiches and brownies and rice krispies....WE LUV options:)

I baked 2 dozen mini cupcakes.
I prepped 2 bags:
1 with tip #12 as shown--Pastel yellow Buttercream
1 with tip #233 grass lime green buttercream.

Tip #12 bag I Piped 1 big letter "O" on the outter rim

Then finished oof with a lil letter "O" in the middle

Then I topped them off with our Pastel Confetti sprinkles.

And our sweel lil easter chick pick!!!

Next the grass tip. We get tons of requests at our store on how we do our grass.
Its all about tip #233. This tip is not only good for grass but for hair as well.
Squeeze out the grass until your desired length and then stop pressure.
Easy Peezy!

Tah Dah!

Add our sweet bunny pick


Luv putting these lil cuties together on the stand.

I know the meaning of Easter is way more than cupcakes and eggs.

Any reason to make this UH-dorable cupcake tower makes it so much more memorable:)
Enjoy making these goodies.