Friday, March 19, 2010

Ultimate Golf Cake

We made an ultimate golf cake for a super dad. We got a special request from his family members that they wanted a cake to be really festive, bright and filled with cake fire works. Yes, fireworks....hmmmm the request got me really excited and I started to sketch the ultimate dream Birthday cake. When I first sketched the cake, it had all the elements that his family wanted. Fireworks, LED lights and then I thought to myself, lets bring it to another level and make the top tier turn. When I told them about it, they loved the idea of the top tier revolving. That got me even more excited:) You see, I have a special file in my brain of all these xtravagant cake ideas hoping that one day someone would want to do it for their celebration.
Finally, I get to see this cake idea come to life:)
The cake took a lot of planning and structure building. Thanks to our cake mechanic Felix, we were able to assemble and make our super dooper golf cake. Also, this cake would not have been possible with out the help of all of our cake assistants. The grass on the field, trees, fondant coloring, baking, moving. It was one big collaboration and we all had a lot of fun doing it. As you can see, we left quite a bit of open space on the golf field. That's because I covered the entire field with flameless cake fireworks. Seriously, its the most amazing giant cake sparkler ever. Here's a photo of the cake as I was putting the fireworks on the cake on location.
On top of the extravagant firework show, we blinged the cake base with LED blinking lights. It was really UH-mazing and I was the happiest girl when we plugged it in and everything worked as planned. I had never been so nervous, there was that chance that for some strange reason the wires wouldn't cooporate. When I saw those lights go on and the golf ball turn, I Screamed and jumped up and down and up and down and up and down and then realized...uh now we gotta get it to location and have it do the exact same thing....eeeeeeek talk about nervs.
Ok enough of me going on an on about this cake. Here's the video.
And yes, it arrived safe and sound:)