Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Little Big News!

We got a little surprise a few weeks ago. 
I"ve been meaning to blog about it but got a little carried away with our Grand Opening event. 
Little Steps Hong Kong posted our adorable halloween cupcakes on their website. 
Yaaaaaaaay! We were so happy to know someone out in web world loved our Halloween treats as much as we did:)
I know we are Waaaaaaaaaaaay past Halloween but
 Good news is never late news. :)
Speaking of good news, I'm so happy Halloween is over because soon it'll be Thanksgiving and you know what happens after TG.........YAAAAAAAAAAAAY
Christmas!!!!! My fave season of the year:)
For all you Christmas Fans out there, we have some of our Christmas stock out on the floor already. 
And since we're at the mid-week mark, 
I'll leave you with this adorable cupcake cake we made for a birthday girl.
The design was based from her invitation card. 

I know mid-week sometimes feels like a million Mondays smooshed into one day. 
 I hope these flowers brighten up your day. 

Weekend is right around the corner!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!