Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grand Opening, Mercedes and More~!!!

We had one of our most memorable weeks ever in Deelite.
We celebrated our Grand opening, Arrival of Mercedes Strachwsky & Kevin (President of Satin Ice), enjoyed an entire week of Mercedes workshops and most of all hangin out with Mercedes Allllllll week. No words can explain how much fun we all had here in Deelite.
Here are some photo highlights.
Mercedes' seminar was a amazing. The class started at 9:00am.
Tons of cake saving techniques and tips were taught.
All the cakes were so beautiful. Mercedes wanted to teach a lot of very important techniques about working with Gum Paste and Fondant as well as introduce some new ideas for the Holiday Season. So the students decorated 1/2 of their cake in Halloween theme and the other half Christmas theme.

Busy busy busy

After the full day seminar, Mercedes did a book signing session.

Luuuuuuuuuuuv this class photo!!!!

Wait the day is still going, after the seminar we had our Grand opening party.
PARTAY we did:)
All day long we received beautiful flowers bouquets. It really made my day.
Don't believe me.....

Thank you all for your well wishes, BEAUTIFUL flowers and support:) It was really great to meet so many of our Deelite fans at our Grand Opening!!!
I look forward to having Mercedes' back and many more Deelitful memories!