Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Candy!!!

I'm jumping with excitement about Mercedez coming to Deelite this week. Eeeek!!!! Oh if only she could just snap her fingers and appear:) Soon enough yáll will get to meet her. For those of you lucky ones who signed up for her class, get ready cuz its gonna be fun fun fun!!!!!:)

If you've been following us on Facebook, Mercedes also posted on our wall saying she's excited too. Its her first time to HK and I can't wait to show her around.

Aside from prepping for Mercedes grand arrival, we've been busy making Halloween treats. Tomorrow, Mercedes and I will be doing an interview with Apple Daily. We'll be doing a demonstration on Halloween treats:) Eeeeeek I know. SOOOOOOOO EXCITED.

Just to give you a head start on your halloween goodies, I thought I"d make some goodies to get you started about making your treats this year.

I love our Halloween candy kits because everything you need is all in the box. What more can you ask for. Annnnd its super dooper easy peasy!!! PROMISE:)

First open up your candy box of goodies.
take out your candy molds, melts, bags, lollipop sticks.

Stick you candy melts in your bags and melt them in the microwave.

Pipe out your nail color on your fingure mold. I like orange and purple so used those for my nail color

See how easy it is

Purple nail

Then I took the green bag and piped over my nail

Stop half way then put your lollipop stick in

Then pipe over your lolli stick

Cover the stick entirely

The most important part. Tap your tray so to get rid of all your air bubbles.

After fridging them for 10 minutes, pop out your fingures and TADA!!!!
You got perfect ugly fingures:)

and Happy Scary Candy:) HAPPINESS!!!!