Monday, May 14, 2012

Congrats to our Wilton Instructors!

Our very own Deelite Wilton Method Instructors Winnie, Jackie & Kelvin were recognized by Wilton for their excellence in teaching the Wilton Method. 
Featured in photo: Winnie, Jackie & Kelvin

 All of our Wilton Instructors are trained and certified by Wilton every year. As we are the only location in Hong Kong certified to  host Wilton certified classes. Every student that learns from us  is registered at the Wilton Head quarters in the states. This is to help ensure that our students are put into the Wilton tracking system so that students can enjoy the flexibility of learning newer Wilton classes where ever they are.
I"m so excited to announce that one of our very own has received the ultimate recognition of achieving the Wilton Hall of Fame. 
Wilton Hall of Fame recognizes all instructors who have successfully taught 1,000 students. This is quite an achievment and such exciting news for us in Deelite as we always from day one wanted to host small and personable classes. We never wanted our students to feel like they were just a number. So you can imagine how many classes Jackie has taught to reach the 1,000 student mark.
Many of you may know Jackie. She has been with us since the early years of Deelite. For some of you who have had the joy of learning from Jackie probably are not surprised by this achievement. Jackie truly represents and embodies the qualities of  a Hall of Fame Wilton Instructor.  Not only has Jackie  achieved the 1,000 student mark, she is also  the first International Wilton Method Instructor to receive an additional recognition for reaching  the 1,500 student mark.

 What I love most about this award is not the number of students Jackie has taught, but the number of lives Jackie has inspired. I personally have seen the excitement of all the students that she has taught and many of her students have gone on to do some amazing things with cake decorating and some of whom have become Wilton Method Instructors too.
Jackie has also taught many of our oversees private students from (Brazil,Macao, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Singapore,&  Taiwan).
Jackie's passion for the art of cake decorating and humility are the qualities that make her an ultimate Wilton Hall of Famer. And yes, there is really a Wilton Hall of Fame wall at the Wilton headquarters.
Jackie's name is on that wall. Isn't that so cool:) Hip Hip Hurray for Jackie!!!

WAIT, we have more Instructor News:)
Two of our new Deelite instructors have also received certificates of recognition from Wilton.
Winnie & Kelvin have received the 100 student certificate. Congratulations Winnie &  Kelvin.
Winnie  teaches both our  English and Chinese classes.
Here is a recent compliment we received via email  for Winnie:
"Having just finished the 1st Wilton course ended this Friday 4 May, I would like to extend my compliment to your staff Winnie who has been fun to work with. Given the patience, energy and cheerful character she has, she has guided our team of seven students through a fun and enjoyable sessions with her in the last four weeks. It has been an intensive four sessions but the group had fun to work with, not to forget our mama Winnie with her cheerful attitude. Thank you Winnie, although it was stressful at times, Katherine and I are very happy with the techniques gained from these four sessions and we (if not just myself) look forward to another class in the future with you."-Stephanie

Kelvin teaches our Chinese classes.
We have seen thousands of cake creations in our classrooms. It brings me so much joy  to see so many people wanting to learn this art form as it is our passion and mission of  Complete Deelite.  In the world of cake decorating, I always say, "one can never learn it all, there is always something new and inspiring to see and experience."That's why I love cake decorating and I know that's why all of our instructors love what they do.
A big congrats to Jackie, Winnie and Kelvin!!!
And an even bigger congratulations to all of our Deelite students.
You are the reason why we luv what we do:)