Monday, November 16, 2009

Fabulous two's cake!!!!

Sometimes things are so much better in pairs.
Here we have a ballerina BFF cake we did for this cute duo's birthday

Here's another Baby BFF cake. Not to worry, I'm not only showing pink cakes today:)
TAH DAh!!!!!
Twos aren't always so terrible and can be TERRRRRRRRRIFIC!!!
Here's a Carebear themed cake we made for Tinkerbelle's brand new family of Dogs. Yup you heard right. Tinkerbelle is a gorgeous dog who we've been doing cakes for since she was 1 years old. And now, Tinkerbelle has her very own 3 pups.
We made a Carebear rainbow themed cake to celebrate their very first birthday!!!!
Have a Rainbowlicious Day!!!!