Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Star Spangle Cakes & Cupcakes!

Check out our latest Cupcake + Sparkle = Pizzaz series. If you haven't gotten into the holiday mood yet, this should get you off to a good start.

We got a great request to do a cola cake for a boss's birthday. What made this cake so memorable was that the person organizing the cake brought a classic coke bottle for the cake design. I assumed they wanted an exact replica hand sculpted, but NO, they literally wanted the entire cola bottle on top of the cake. Why, so that the birthday boss could grab it and drink his favourite drink while eating his cake. Luved that idea! And with a bit of Star Spangle Sparkle in the background, the cake was Fantastic!

If Mr. Cola bday boy wasn't thirsty after his slice of cake. He would be after gobbling down 10 dozen of these mini cola swirl cupcakes that went along with his cake. Hmmm nothing like cola to chase down scrumptious cupcakes.

For Chloe's Hollywood theme birthday, we added a splash of pink and black star spangle to give her Hollywood cupcake tower the final Vavoooom! Topper cake was accompanied by 30 lil diva cupcakes.

For a heart throb theme wedding cupcake tower, we added fluttering silver heart spangles. The tower was accompanied by 7 dozen matching heart themed cupcakes.
For the ultimate glitterama birthday, we splashed sparkly star spangles all over this 2 tier pinklicious cake. I really mean it when I say Sparkly.

Can I get a witness!!!! I know, Crazy Bananaz LUVin it right:) Yup, edible sparkly glitter. Who ever invented it is my best friend:)

Have a sparkly mid-week.