Monday, November 2, 2009

Mr. Sharky Cake

We made a really cool Spooky Shark cake jumping outta the ocean.
And here's how our cake came to life.
First we carved, sculpted and covered our cake with buttercream.

Having doubts this will look like a scary shark jumping outta the ocean....:) keep scrolling

We then covered our shark with a think layer of fondant colored in light silver gray.

Jaws is slowy coming to life. I know he looks so harmless right now....BUT keep reading:)

Here he is after his first make over. I brushed his skin with a shiny gloss finish.

And then...DUN NAHHHHHHH can we say JAWS!!!!! Wait don't swim away yet, Mr. Sharky doesn't want to bite you, he's hungry for some fish.

Tah Daaaaaa!!!!, he wanted fish and we gave him yummo fish.

A yummo and Purdy fish!

Purdy fish now in Jaws Mouth.

Mr. Sharky likes Purdy fish, Yum yum

And finally, we added the finishing touches of Mr. Sharky jumping out of the ocean.

I bet chya can't get enough of Mr. Sharky Huh. Well us too, so we made a cool Video.