Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Super Dad!!!!

This Sunday June 19th is Father's Day.
Here are some goodies perfect for all our Super Dads!!!

Cake To Go

Super Dad Cupcakes

Here's one of my personal faves. The ultimate Super Dad Cake:)

or better yet, you can make your very own Super Dad Cake this year.

Need a bit of help... its EEEEZY PEEZY.

Seiourlsy, I'm not joking.

We have our fab super Dad Cake Pan
the Best ever ready made cake mix that's so tasty it can fool any pro baker.

Smother some Icing, Sprinkles, Write Dad with Sparkly Icing Writer and you're done! Yay.

If you're a lil too nervouse to write on the cake, we have a bunch of fabulous icing toppers for you to put on the cake and spell out D-A-D or better yet S-U-P-E-R D-A-D!:)

at this point you'll be so excited the text turned out so fabulous you'll be in the mood to even

jazz up the cake with ready made blue roses & flowers..hmmmmmm well if he's not into flowers you can jazz it up with an assortment of sports balls. LUV!!!!

And now we can finally say...


See told you it's easy:)

Happy Baking, Decorating and Celebrating.

Most importantly,