Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Website Changes & Wine Barrel Cake:)

Hi hi,
So have yáll noticed??????? Need a hint.......Ok, our title I think is a HUGE hint. I hope you have noticed and if not, I totally understand as I haven't talked about any website changes at all.

For those of you who have noticed, you've made my day:)

We've updated our cake catalogue!
After many months of slaving over hundreds of photos and re-organizing all of our images we finally managed to redo and update our website and our cake catalogues at our store.


The task felt like a never ending project and when we all finally completed our new books

I was over the moon!

We have updated our cake categories into :

Celebration( Adult): His, Hers, Food

Here are some highlights from each category.
Kids Boys & Girls cake

Here is a video of our latest "His" Birthday Celebration Cake.We made a GIANT Wine barrel filled with grapes and of coarse the finest quality red wine.