Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Animal Mania Cakes, Cupcakes & Cookie!

Most days, we decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies with different kinds of design themes. 
But once in a while, we have days where most of our designs happen to be a similar theme even though they are for different parties. 
Check out our Animal Mania designs. 

Now here are some famous animals. 
I'm sure you've herd of them...Madagascar. 
I'm loving how Giraffe is swinging a sneak peak behind the tree:)

This Giant Cupcake with our adorable Giraffe made a lil surprise to Miss. Suki. 

And, no animal themed party is complete with out these CAAAA--YUTE animal lollipop cookies. 

Ok, so I don't usually play favourites. But I have to admit,  I'm seriously loving Mr. Piggy 
with the mud splats on his belly:)

Lady Lioness's hair was pretty cool too. 

Annnnnnnnnd, last but not least, I know I mentioned on my last blog that our snuggle baby cupcakes were OH SO ADORABLE. 
Hello, these smoochable, huggable and kissable animal cupcakes are pretty hard to beat. 
Ok so this shot is not stealing your heart right now, keep scrolling down....

Ok not this either, but I promise, you may even gasp:)

See Told Ya, don't chya just love their spunky hair. 

Here's Lady Piggy and Mr.Elephant. 

Shhhhh dont' tell, I think Mr. Elephant has a soft spot for Lady Piggy:)
Have a great week!