Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Blocks Cake and More

We've been on a catalogue mission. Most of the time we are very busy with decorating, but a lot of our time is also spent updating and improving our cake catalogues. Our catagories have grown since our early days so we've had to create new catagories.
In fact, a lot of you our blog fans have literally chosen your cake design off of this blog because we didn't get a chance to put our creations on our catalogue.
Well, I"m soooooooo excited to say that our "PINK Cake Bibles" are ready to roll.
After many hours of listing, quadruple checking, copying and categorizing photos, we have our BRAND NEW Cupcake catalogues and kids cake catalogues.
We're still working on our wedding cake and xtravagant cake catalogues, but I know for sure, you'll enjoy the news ones that are out now.
Here's a quick pic of our cupcake catalogue.
Come check it out, my FAVE is our Pink Collection:
"Cupcake designs so amazing, you wanna gossip about them.":)

Here are all the catalogues as we are putting them together.

Here's a brand new cake creation we made for a 100th day celebration.
It will soon be on our brand new catalogues.

As requested, we sculpted Baby Bunny with her blanky

Her cute buddies, beary sweet and duckies

And, an adorable baby pram with a sleeping baby inside.

Here's the Video. Gotta see how big this cake was.