Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Star Wars Lego Storm Trooper cake

We hand-sculpted and made 3 Storm Trooper cakes for Max's 6th Birthday.
You may have seen the Giant Storm Trooper cake on our kids Xtravagant cake portfolio.
That was for Max's 5th birthday and he is still a hard core fan of Star Wars. This year, his mom thought of something even cooler, a cake army of Storm Troopers.
Here they are, yes, all three were hand-sculpted cake figurines.
I had a blast doing the cake and was even more over the moon when I got an email from Max's mom.
"Dear Jacinta,
The cake(s) looked fantastic!! The children were all in awe when it was cake time. Max couldn't believe his should've seen his face! All the adults were taking pictures.
The cupcakes were all gone in a flash and so yummy. The kids loved their personalized cookie on a stick... Thank you for making such wonderful Deelites!!--L"

Here's a fabulous video we put together.
Everything about it captures star wars. Now, I have to clarify my gibberish lingo in the beginning. It sounds like I"m saying "JORDAN Clones". But I was trying to say Drone and Clone:) You will then quickly realize that I had no clue what to call these guys so I ended up calling them........ just watch, you'll see:)
ps: I KNOW they are called Lego Storm Toopers :)